EPDM Single Ply:

EPDM roofing system options include:

  • Loose Laid and Ballasted, or
  • Mechanically Fastened, or
  • Fully Adhered

TPO / PVC Single Ply:

TPO roofing system options include:

  • Fully Adhered, or
  • Mechanically Fastened

SBS / Modified Bitumen:

Some of the more common application methods are:

  • Fully Adhered, or
  • Mechanically Fastened

Roof Replacement:

We at CCS Contracting Ltd. offer full roof replacement services.

While working closely with our building owners, property managers, inspection agencies, and contractors, we provide the best solution to bring maximum benefit to our customers. We have highly trained and highly qualified personnel that can inspect all roof systems and provide reports and options for solutions to problematic older roofs.


From the inspection and reporting services we will offer

  • pricing packages and options based on our customers’ needs, and
  • professional recommendations on which options will provide the most benefit to the customer.

Metal Roofing:

At CCS Contracting Ltd. we roll our own Job-Site Manufactured (JSM) metal roof panels available in a wide variety of colour choices. We will also custom-form trims and flashings to match and suit any of our metal roofing projects.