Aluminum Composite Panels:

CCS Aluminum Composite Panels are developed by 3D scanning structures and overlaying a custom modular panel layout to suit. This can include forming a radius feature wall, covering a column, or cladding a spiralized staircase by curving the panel along an axis.


Since our process is controlled by vertical integration, we can provide the best possible end-product while meeting budget and schedule requirements.

Performed Metal Cladding:

Preformed metal cladding is made from factory coated sheet steel coils that can either be:

  • Roll-Formed from one of many metal cladding suppliers, or
  • Custom Brake-Formed in our fabrication facilities to match the designed profiles

Insulated Metal Panels:

Insulated Metal Panels can act as the vapour barrier, insulation, and interior and exterior finish, all in a single component. Because they cover large areas with one panel they are quick to install compared to traditional preformed metal cladding systems and are very budget friendly.

Reinforced Concrete Panels:

Reinforced concrete panels are made from glass fibre-reinforced concrete molded into panels. These panels can either be installed via:

  • Face-fasteners,
  • Assembled with specialty clips or rails to provide a concealed-fastener system.