Specialty Architectural Siding

  • Specialty Architectural Siding

Specialty Architectural Siding

Fibre Cement Lap Siding and Panels:

Fibre cement lap siding and panels are becoming extremely popular in today’s architecture.

These products provide a modern contemporary appeal while giving a building exterior superior fire resistance.
Fibre cement products are molded to provide a variety of exterior textures such as wood grain or stucco finishes.  The can be applied in a lap siding or up to 4 foot by 10 foot panels. Fibre cement siding can be used to create countless architectural features.
The system comes complete with trim boards for around windows and openings that are available in a number of sizes. These systems also have the option of using extruded aluminum trims and reveals to create an even more modern architectural appearance. The siding, trims and reveals are available in a number of standard colours.
CCS Contracting Ltd. is one of the first contractors to use fibre cement lap siding and panels for commercial and industrial applications in Alberta. We have built a long-lasting strong reputation as an industry leader in this field. We offer the full solution package for fibre cement siding and panel from design assistance, and budgeting to construction and maintenance.

Reinforced Concrete Panels:

Reinforced concrete panels are a relatively new system to the Alberta market.

hey are made from thick glass fibre reinforced concrete molded into panels. These panels can either be fastened directly through the face or assembled with specialty back-up systems to provide a concealed fastener system.
The concealed fastener systems are popular in the architectural community because they offer a smooth finished appearance without the “Button affect” that a face fastened system would show.
These products are manufactured in Europe using sustainable materials and are extremely durable.  They are available in a variety of pre finished colours.