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Architectural Metals

Aluminum Composite Panels:

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are the top end of exterior wall cladding finishes.

They provide a modular appearance with deep visible reveals.  They come in a wide variety of pre finished and custom colour and are custom formed to suit any building.
CCS Contracting custom fabricate our ACP system locally in Alberta.  Our highly trained and experienced team offers services for Aluminum Composite Panels from design assistance, to budgeting and pricing all the way through fabrication and installation.  As we control the chain right from the start we can provide the best possible end product available in the best possible timelines. There are no middle men when getting a Composite Aluminum Panel system from CCS Contracting.
The CCS Contracting Aluminum Composite Panel system is made from a plank of ACP material (2 sheets of aluminum bonded to a plastic resin core).  The core is available in 2 options, fire rated or non-fire rated depending on the requirements of a project and budget.  The aluminum colours are available in a wide variety of colours that can be warranted for years from fading.  This plank material is then custom cut and formed around aluminum extrusion’s to for a modular panel.  The modular panels can be formed large or small in a multitude of shapes.  They can wrap corners, be installed on soffits, and even curved. The CCS Contracting Aluminum Composite Panel system is the ultimate feature for any building.

Aluminum Plate Panels:

Aluminum Plate Panels are, much like our Aluminum Composite panels are a modular flat wall panel system.

Aluminum Plate panels are custom fabricated from plate aluminum sheets that are break-formed (Bent) in specialty machines to create a panel.  The benefit of Aluminum plate as compared to Composite aluminum is that they can be bent to create deeper profiles / reveals and are more easily curved.  The disadvantage is that the panels do carry the true flatness that the Composite Aluminum panels provide.
Aluminum plate panels are anodized aluminum sheets that can be painted in almost any colour.

Preformed Metal Cladding:

Preformed metal cladding is made from factory painted sheet steel coils.

It comes available in a few manufacturer’s standard thicknesses and colours. The sheet steel coils are put through a “Roll Forming” process where the flat steel is pressed into profiles.  Each manufacturer carries a multitude of profile ranging is depth, appearance, and panel width.
Preformed metal cladding is a perfect way to cover large span flat walls on a building for a reasonable budget.  Preformed metal cladding systems come complete with custom metal flashings and trims to match the cladding colour. CCS Contracting has the experience and capabilities to do any preformed metal cladding project.  We work with our clients right from the design concept and see it through to a finished installation.

Insulated Metal Panels:

Insulated Metal Panels are the newest form of building cladding.

Due to their ability to perform multiple functions with one component this system is becoming increasingly popular.  Insulated metal panels are factory formed from 2 sheets of preformed metal cladding that “Sandwich” an insulated foam core.  All 3 components are factory bonded together to create 1 single component.
Insulated metal panels are a vapour barrier, insulation, interior and exterior finish all in one.  Insulated metal panels come in a wide variety of profiles and colours.  They can be used for roof and wall cladding systems.  Because they cover large areas with one panel they are quick to install compared to traditional preformed metal cladding systems and very budget friendly.  The most common use is for large warehouse style commercial and industrial buildings however they can also be cut and formed to create more architectural features and their popularity continues to rise.
CCS Contracting Ltd. has the experience, connections, and knowledge to apply any form of insulated metal panels system on all types of buildings.  As with the rest of the solutions we offer we will work with our clients through every phase of a project.

Exotic Metals:

Exotic metals such as copper and zinc are becoming increasingly popular in today’s architecture.

These exotic metals are typically specialty panels or preformed cladding profiles that are used to enhance the appearance of a building.  Compared to traditional steel, these exotic metals offer unique features such as weathering that steel is not capable of.
These exotic metals are at the high end of the architectural spectrum and budget however with increasing popularity and demand they are becoming more affordable and can be a great option to make any building stand out.
CCS Contracting Ltd. has built relationships that put us at the forefront for dealing with exotic metals systems and components.  We have the knowledge and ability to install these unique products to the highest standard of quality.

Metal Roofing:

Metal roofing is another option that CCS Contracting can provide to our customers.

We roll our own Job-Site Manufactured (JSM) metal roof panel available in a wide variety of colour choices.  Metal roofing is a viable option for pitched roofs.  They can be straight forward and simple for large industrial style buildings, or spruced up for highly architectural buildings.  Metal roofing is very durable and is made from factory painted sheet metal that has paint finishes that will hold up for years.  CCS Contracting will custom form trims and flashings to match and suit any of our metal roofing projects.

Metal Roof & Floor Decking:

Metal decking is a structural component to a building.

A metal deck is the component that spans across the steel beams and joists to create a substrate to hold the roof or floor on a building.
Metal decking is preformed “Profiled” Sheet steel that is factory “Roll Formed” to create a surface that is structurally stable enough to support the components of a flat roof or floor system.  The difference between roof and floor decking is that floor decking has perforations punched into it so that the typical concrete topping will bond without much movement.  Floor decking is sometimes also referred to as high bond decking for that reason.  Roof decking is sometimes also referred to as “Q-deck” or quick deck.
CCS Contracting is one of the largest installers of metal decking in the Alberta marketplace, and offers services right from the pricing stage through to a finished install.